Modern, graciously understated, and pleasantly removed from the humdrum grayness of modern Puerto Ayora, Finch Bay takes its environmental credentials seriously. Solar panels, water treatment, recycling, and organic food, plus daily cleaning of the public beach Playa de los Alemanes at its doorstep, form part of model efforts to limit its environmental footprint. While you can lounge at the mangrove-fringed beach or the pool, which even some local waterfowl may be tempted to visit, active visitors can enlist the hotel's mountain bikes, snorkels, and kayaks to explore the dramatic nearby coast. Or take a diving course. While I believe cruises offer the best way to experience the wildlife and landscapes of the archipelago, a multi-day package at Finch Bay, including scuba diving to start or end your trip, is a fantastic option if you can afford it. The town is a five-minute walk and a five-minute cross-bay ferry ride away.