Island hoppers won't find a better location than this friendly, eclectic Mediterranean-style four-story right off the dock. A blue dome tops the eponymous suite, with its own terrace and a painted sky and cloud motif inside. No room can best it for its gorgeous view overlooking the harbor, though I find the cloud motif a little over the top. Still, it's competitively priced compared with the other rooms, and perhaps worth the moderate upgrade if a great view is important to you. Rooms are rustic and pretty, many with murals, and most also have views of the port through romantic arched windows. The ochre Santa Cruz and Isabela rooms stand out for their size, each with two double beds, while blue Genovesa has a canopy bed. The San Cristobal and Santa Cruz rooms might be a bit too cramped for comfort for some, with bathrooms only half-separated from the beds behind a semi-open, stepped wall.