The Red Mangrove operation has grown quickly since 2007, and now operates five hotels on three islands that cater to upmarket island hoppers. The flagship Aventura Inn, although just off the main drag near the entrance to the Darwin Foundation, feels secluded, hidden away amidst the mangroves. Its rustic mauve taupe exterior feels very warm, particularly combined with a fine wood terrace that overlooks the turquoise cove. Sea lions and marine iguanas love it, too—and will help themselves to a spot on the lounge furniture.

Most rooms are whitewashed with timber accents, with some with geometric accents like artwork or relief sculptures. If you like rooms with an airy feel, choose one higher up—you'll enjoy better light and much better views of the bay. Among the six suites, the Suite Mayor lives up to its name. It's fully paneled in wood (except for the mostly wall-to-ceiling windows that provide a fine view of the shoreline) and has a skylight. Second-best Suite Azul, meanwhile, is named for the blue tiled dome that sits atop its second-story balcony and a ceiling draped in blue and white fabric, setting it apart from the otherwise standard room style of white with accents. The hotel boasts a pool and a Jacuzzi, as well as a good seafood restaurant.