Certainly the most winsome bayside restaurant in the islands, Angermeyer Point, the former house of painter Karl Angermeyer, boasts a fabulous setting. Given its relatively brief hours, it's best to reserve a table and come early enough to enjoy the change from late afternoon to night and to see the wildlife. The rocky outcrop on which the restaurant sits is popular with marine iguanas and blue-footed boobies, both visible during daylight hours. Of course, the most sought-after tables are on the wraparound wood deck above a pier that spans the entire Spanish-style hacienda building. You'll have to dress for chilly evenings and bring insect repellent, but those concessions are worth a chance to sample some of the islands' best seafood—try the corvina , a common fish from the coast of South America, with stuffed crab. In season, the lobster risotto goes nicely heavy on the lobster. Service is good, though not outstanding. Angermeyer Point is accessible by water taxi from Puerto Ayora's harbor. Don't confuse it with the hotel across the street.