You couldn't ask for a more strikingly beautiful and colorful main street than Duga and Dugi Targ, the thoroughfare of the Main Town (Gówne Miasto). As you walk its length, from the Golden Gate at the western end to the magnificent Green Gate at the eastern end, bear in mind that nearly everything you see was rebuilt after World War II. The bas-reliefs and colorful frescos on the burgher houses and gabled town houses will keep your eyes darting about. Musicians and street performers are out in force; no sooner is one violinist out of earshot than another string quartet fills the air with Vivaldi's Four Seasons. An iconic landmark is the Neptune Fountain, for the god of the sea, which dates from 1549. Legend has it that this was the source of Goldwasser, vodka with gold flakes. Behind the fountain is Artus Court, while at the corner is the Town Hall . The Green Gate, erected in the 1560s, was originally meant to house visiting royalty. Now, it functions as an exhibition space and the office of the former President of Poland and Solidarity leader Lech Waesa.