One of the classic railroad hotels built to entice passengers to hop onboard and visit some of the most scenic areas of the U.S., the Lodge opened in 1914 and except for a flash flood in the 1960s it hasn’t changed all that much since. Lanterns still dangle in the soaring lobby, antlered deer heads stare down at you, and the balconies on each of the three floors are carved with words in the Kootenai tongue for “Welcome” and other hospitable phrases. You’ll feel the same welcome in the dignified main lodge rooms, though they are tiny (remember, people were smaller when this place was built). To make up for their size, there’s a longer list of amenities here than in most National Park Lodges. We prefer the lodge rooms to the viewless attached motel rooms and even the larger cabin units (which are plain to a fault). The sublime lakeside location, nestled in a lush forest, is a highlight.