The rough-and-tumble fishing port of Gloucester has another face: exclusive summer community. Aficionados of house tours will want to build their schedules around a visit to this magnificent property on the stylish Back Shore, the product of a uniquely creative mind. Pioneering interior designer and antiquarian Henry Davis Sleeper created Beauport, transforming it into a repository for his vast collection of American and European decorative arts and antiques. From 1907 to 1934, he built and expanded the house, which has more than 40 rooms, and decorated many of the chambers to illustrate literary and historical themes. The entertaining tour concentrates more on the gorgeous house and rooms in general than on the countless objects on display, which remain virtually as Sleeper left them. You'll see architectural details rescued from other buildings, magnificent arrangements of colored glassware, secret staircases, the "Red Indian Room" (with a majestic view of the harbor), the "Master Mariner's Room" (overflowing with nautical items), and even the kitchen and servants' quarters. Explore the restored grounds, which look the way they did in the 1930s. Beauport, a National Historic Landmark, also schedules events such as afternoon tea, wine tastings, and specialty tours throughout the season.