Walk down a breezeway in this little strip mall, follow the signs up the stairs and through the somewhat grimy looking entrance, and let the fun and games begin. Go to watch a game on the huge flat screen TVs and join in woohoos, or play some of your own games. There are eight billiard tables you can rent for CI$13 an hour, some foosball tables, and a well-used dartboard. You can even throw dice here. 

But most of the fun comes from beer pong where there is fierce competition. If you think you can manage to aim a little white ball into a cup of beer, even after gulping down a few, then try it here. You can order burgers and fries from CI$5 to CI$10. Bottled beer is CI$5. Gamers wait here to roll over to the really late night O'bar (right next door), when it starts pumping out the electro house music.