Acclaimed chef Michael Swartz opened in Grand Cayman after the success of his Miami restaurant of the same name. Part of the slow food movement on the island, he finds locally sourced and seasonal food when he can. The meat on the menu comes from Niman Ranch in the US, and is sustainably and humanely grown. Even the tea is organic, and he has his own home brewed beer. His motto is that good food comes from good food, and that is certainly true here. 

An innovative entrepreneur, you’ll find offerings on this menu found nowhere else. The pan roasted snapper mixes Basque influences from the piperade sauce with Asian portions of sautéed choy sum for a remarkable remix. Grilled leg of lamb comes with French feta, bulgur wheat, and salsa verde. Reinventing food on this island has taken the team into the local waters. They have begun to partner with divers to harvest the invasive lion fish that is doing so much damage to the reef systems of the Caribbean. Finding ways to prepare this predator is challenging but also environmentally friendly.

Wood oven pizza is also on the menu, but what wood roasting does to the fingerling potatoes, on the menu as a side, is exceptional. There is always a cheese of the week featured, and the desserts take you into a realm as inventive as the entrées. The well-known pasty chef Hedy Goldsmith, presents “pie in jar,” and a brownie sundae, and it may be hard to choose just one sorbet with flavors like blueberry lavender, raspberry plum, and papaya ginger.


Located at the north end of Caymana Bay, you can eat outside with view of the picturesque harbor or opt instead for the trendy, red accented dining room with high, tall windows.