If you get bored sitting on Seven Mile Beach after the sun goes down, take a 10-minute stroll to Camana Bay. The entrance is across the road from the Royal Palm. Once there, amble along the wide outdoor pedestrian way of this well-designed shiny new complex past two blocks of shops, restaurants, residences, office spaces, and a cinema. At night go to dinner or catch a movie, and afterward, linger at the wine bar or choose from any of the extraordinary restaurants and bars that offer signature cocktails, tapas, and live music. At Abacus, DJs with different personalities and musical mixes depending on the night, get more lively around 10pm, after dinner is over, and keep sending out the tunes until midnight.

Or, if you’d like to get elevated on this otherwise low island, head up to the observation deck where you can see the lights of Seven Mile Beach on one side, and the North Sound on the other. If you opt for the wide circular, double-helix stairway instead of the elevator, delight in the 3-million-tile mosaic mural of underwater landscapes that wind with you on your way up or down.

Though you can find plenty of deals on Grand Cayman, it is for the most part among the more expensive islands of the Caribbean. There is zero unemployment and virtually full literacy. Locals, service industry staff, guests, and tourists alike mix on the public beaches, in the nightclubs, and in the restaurants. A community-oriented, safe, and secure public space with open access such as Camana Bay would not be possible on some of the other islands, and this atmosphere is one of the draws of the Cayman Islands.