The grand palacio, the Plaza Mayor's most ornate building, once housed the nation's executive branch. It was built by prison laborers under the order of President Jorge Ubico, and was completed in 1943. Many of the 350 rooms are off-limits to the public, but those that are open are definitely impressive. Above the Sala de Recepción hangs a sizeable Bohemian crystal chandelier, on which brass and golden quetzales perch. A second chandelier, this one of solid 18-karat gold, adorns the Sala de Banquetes. In 1980, a car bomb shattered the stained-glass windows on the second floor, which ironically had depicted the 10 Virtues of a Good Nation. Like the nation's virtues themselves, most of the windows have been reconstructed. There's a permanent collection of fine art, as well as several rotating gallery spaces. Free 45-minute tours are offered throughout the day. The highlight of the tour is often a stop at the Presidential Balcony, where you can imagine yourself addressing the nation.