This historical theme park is a great place to learn about Guayaquil and Ecuador. You can walk along a raised pathway through several distinct ecosystems with various native fauna and flora on display. You will also pass through rows of different banana plants, some endemic to Ecuador (remember that Ecuador is the world's largest banana exporter) and a tiny cacao plantation. Historic buildings and street scenes are re-created throughout the grounds. A traditional country house replicates how rural farmers lived and what farming utensils they used. In the courtyard of a beautiful old hacienda, plays, staged twice daily, depict life on a farm in the 19th century. The boardwalk here is dubbed Malecón 1900, and gives you a glimpse into how the city looked some 100 years ago. An old-fashioned bakery and cafe serves traditional dishes in a lovely outdoor setting. An old trolley completes the picture.  Come here on a weekday if possible; this park has become extremely popular with Ecuadorean families on weekends.