[“]The Jerusalem Post” called this restaurant the “culinary jewel of the north”; and though we think that title could as easily apply to Uri Buri in Akko or Helena in Caesaerea this is far and away Haifa’s finest restaurant and one of the best in the region, if not all of Israel. Helmed by chef Ran Rosh, the food has a distinctively French flare to it, not surprising as Rosh studied under Gallic legend Paul Bocuse. The menu changes daily but always includes such luxury items as foie gras, lobster and Valhrona chocolate. Don’t let the location put you off (it’s in a non-descript building in the warehouse district, right next to the railroad track); once inside, you’ll feel like you’ve jetted off to an elegant mansion in Tuscany. Be sure to consult the sommelier, as the restaurant has sourced some unusual, small-production Israeli wineries for its vino. Reservations are necessary, there’s no handicap access, and it’s best visited by taxi.