The museum's unusual, octagonal-shaped exhibit hall has some 1,700 pieces (out of 5,600 pieces in the whole collection) on display in concentric octagonal rings. Start on the outside ring and work your way in. Along the way you'll witness one of the richest collection of Alaska Native artifacts in the state, including Eskimo masks and puppets, basketry, hunting implements, finely-sewn and beautifully ornamented clothing, and totem poles. Throughout the summer, a rotating lineup of Natives artisans sit in the exhibit hall and work on carvings, basketry, beadwork, and textiles not unlike the ancient artifacts on display. The museum is named for a man who moved to Haines in 1911 (and not affiliated with the better-known Sheldon Jackson Museum in Sitka). A rotating exhibit (that changes every 6 weeks) showcases the work of contemporary artists, giving insight into the local arts scene. A gift shop is on the first floor.