This is one of the most impressive and best-preserved manor houses in southeastern Norway, and its gardens, at least to us, are the most impressive in southern Norway. The exact age of the historic core of this building is unknown, although the east wing was added in 1733. Today much of the place looks as it did in 1750, when the Tank and Ankers families resided here. Still elegant, it has lovely interiors filled with objets d'art, hunting trophies, and one of the largest private collections of weapons in Scandinavia. You can see the house only by guided tour. On your own, you can stroll the beautiful English-style gardens with their towering deciduous trees or walk a pathway bordered by hazelnut trees. The symmetrical, baroque-style walkways evoke the gracious living of a grander era (assuming you were rich). The location is signposted 1.5km (1 mile) west of the town center. Plan to spend about 45 minutes here.