After experiencing the north-coast islands, skerries, and old fishing villages, it may be hard to pack up and head south. Yet the southern area, what the Swedes call their Riviera, is not without its charms -- its beaches and sporting facilities (especially golf) are even better, and the hotels better equipped. Halland lies south of Gothenburg and, because of its white sandy beaches, is the fastest growing tourist district in the country. During the summer months, the population of the region doubles.

Windsurfing is the major regional sport here, and Halland has produced many champions. Consistent, steady winds and shallow shoreline waters provide ideal conditions. Mellbystrand, Tylösand, Ringenäs, and Skrea are the beaches most favored by windsurfers.

In addition to the beaches, Halland's network of rivers and lakes gives the region its life and character. There are more than 900 bodies of water in the province, and many of these inland lakes and rivers are ideal for canoeing and camping. Many places have public access areas with docks, swimming areas, and barbecues. Some lakes boast blossoming waterlilies and flowering meadows that extend down to the water's edge. Many salmon waters have been restored in recent years, and both salmon and trout make their way over the Atlantic to Halland's rivers. A number of lakes offer good perch and pike fishing.

Halland's mild winters and early springs help make it Sweden's most golf-intensive region. In all, there are 30 golf courses in the province. Try either the Båstad Golf Club at Boarp (tel. 0431/783-70) or the Bjåre Golf Club at Solomonhög (tel. 0431/36-10-53). Newest of the lot is the New Äppalgårdans Golf Club, Hallansvagen (tel. 0431/223-30). Positioned 3km (1 3/4 miles) east of Båstad, it opened in 2006. At any of these courses, greens fees cost around 250SEK ($50/£25) for a full day's play, and golf clubs can be rented for around 125SEK ($25/£13) per day.