What's the surprise? The French arrived and said, "Mon dieu! Why, it is a cave!" Discovered in 1901, this very large grotto was used by Viet Cong as a hide-out during the war with the United States. A short, steep climb up paved steps leads you to three chambers, the last being the largest. In 1999, the Chinese cooperated to install lights and a safe pathway through the cave. A tour of the cave usually involves a guide leading you on an interpretive stalagmite hunt. Guides like to point out a large phallic formation glowing under a bright red spotlight -- Freudian interpretations of the rock formations abound. Also look for tiger, dragon, and penguin formations, as well as unique "melon ball" stalactites. Toward the top of the cave are viewing platforms overlooking the sprawling bay, with its myriad junks, far below.