Best Nightlife in Hamburg

Hamburg is famous and infamous for nightlife. You can go high-brow, as the city has excellent opera and dance companies and symphonies; middle brow in chic bars and homey rathskellers; or lowbrow on and around the Reeperbahn, in Hamburg’s notoriously ...  Read more >

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Star Rating Name Category
2 star rating Café Gnosa Coffee Houses
1 star rating Club Grosse Freiheit 36/Kaiserkeller The Performing Arts
1 star rating Cotton Club Music
1 star rating Fabrik Music
3 star rating Hamburgische Staatsoper (Hamburg State Opera) The Performing Arts
2 star rating Le Lion Bars & Pubs
1 star rating Meanie Bar Dance Clubs
2 star rating Molotow Dance Clubs
2 star rating Musikhalle The Performing Arts
1 star rating Spielbank Hamburg Gambling
2 star rating Tom’s Saloon Gay & Lesbian Bars