The Siberian Tiger Park is more like an impoverished prison for the tigers -- with rusty fences and dilapidated watchtowers -- but it may be worth a visit to see the rare felines. Your entrance fee gets you a seat on a typical Chinese minibus that rolls onto the fenced-in .4-sq.-km (.2 sq.-mile) premises on a dirt road. The bus gets close enough for you to snap good photos and ogle the tigers' paws that are as large as human heads. The park, created in 1986, increased its tiger population from the original eight to nearly 300, but the facility is more tourist attraction than breeding center. For your sadistic pleasure you may order a meal for the tigers, served via a caged jeep; on the feeding menu are a live bird (¥40), a live duck (¥100), and a live cow (¥1,500). Sadly, some of the tigers are confined to tiny cages, pacing about in their mini insane asylums; others seem to be in a semipermanent state of slumber.