This hotel, originally an unpretentious B&B, is now one of Harbour Island's most glamorous properties. More than any other lodging in The Bahamas, the restored Rock House brings to mind a stylish and trend-conscious hideaway on Miami's South Beach, with a surprisingly posh repeat clientele. Painted a pale yellow, with a white roof that's visible from Harbour Island's ferryboat terminal, the hotel sits on a low bluff above the harbor in the center of the island's only village. The property combines the original 1940s-era B&B with an adjoining site that had functioned for several decades as a Catholic schoolhouse. Each of its whimsical accommodations is outfitted with a unique name and decorative style. Examples include the Reef Room, the Palm Room, the Asian Room, the Nautilus Room, the Pineapple Room, and the Parrot Room. Social life centers on the bar and the lavishly landscaped swimming pool, whose edges are lined with the kind of tentlike cabanas that you might expect along the coast of Sardinia.