Modeled after its U.S. cousin, the Cuban Capitol is a stunning architectural work of grand scale -- it's actually a tiny bit taller and longer than the Washington, D.C. version. There's not a whole lot to see here, but it's worth climbing the steep steps and taking a quick tour. Note: El Capitolio was closed in late 2010 with no fixed reopening date. Its large scale and intricately inlaid marble floors are impressive. The entrance hall has a replica of a 25-carat diamond embedded in the floor from which all highway distances radiating out from Havana are measured. There's also the Statue of the Republic, a 17m-tall (56-ft.), 49-ton Roman goddess covered in gold leaf, which some claim is Jupiter. You can walk around the old parliamentary hall and, if you're lucky, visit the library. Regular guided tours are offered for CUC$1 per person. There are some arts-and-crafts galleries inside, as well as a simple restaurant and a popular Internet cafe.