On the coastline just behind the Natural Energy Lab (NELHA) lies this 3-acre, conservation-oriented “aqua-farm” that breeds and displays more than half of the world’s 36 species of seahorses. The farm began breeding seahorses in 1998 as a way of ending demand for wild-collected seahorses and, once successful, expanded its interests to include similarly threatened sea dragons and reef fish. Although the $40 cost of the biologist-led, 1-hour tour may seem excessive, proceeds benefit the farm’s research and conservation; in any case, people still find their way here in droves, excited to see pregnant male seahorses and their babies, and to have one of the delicate creatures wrap its tail around their fingers.

Note: From 10am to 4pm weekdays, drop-in visitors are welcome at the nearby Ke Kai Ola Hawaiian monk seal hospital, 73-731 Makako Bay Dr. ([tel] 808/326-7325, www.tmmc.org/monkseal), where it’s free to view any patients on a TV monitor and learn from interpretive signs about this highly endangered species.