From the outside, this could be just another quaint wooden church, pale mint green with white trim around its arched windows, entrance, and belfry. But from the inside, it’s a wonderful kaleidoscope, starting with the detailed life-size paintings of Bible scenes and Catholic teachings by Father Evarist Gielen, the Belgian priest who built the church in Kaimu in 1928. In the 1940s, American-born artists added vivid trompe l’oeil frescoes and painted depictions of Father Damien, who spent 8 years on the island of Hawaii before devoting his life to the sufferers of leprosy (now called Hansen’s disease) exiled to Molokai. The story of how this jewel box got here is equally colorful: To save it from being slowly devoured by the 1990 lava flow, locals hoisted it onto a trailer and moved it up the road. They moved the church again in 1996, when it was restored to its present state. Donations are appreciated to help with upkeep. Visitors are welcome, but note that Mass is held at 4pm the first Friday of the month.