For decades these gardens were used by three kings of Denmark, including Frederik IV, Christian VI, and Frederik V. They were designed by Johan Cornelius Krieger in just 5 years, from 1720 to 1725. In a flight of fancy, he got carried away, creating a cascade with water canals and fountains, along with promenades, groves of trees, and even a parterre sporting royal monograms to flatter the egos of his patrons.

After many years in decay, however, the gardens have been recreated as they were in their baroque heyday. As many as 65,000 box plants and 166 pyramid-shaped yews have been planted in the parterre, while 375 limes and 7,000 hornbeam plants create the avenues and groves. The cascade floor consists of nearly half a kilometer (1/4 mile) of dressed granite stones. During the summer, the Frederiksborg Castle Garden forms the venue for several recurring concerts, maypole celebrations, and other cultural events.