For a meditative experience replete with osprey nests, wading-bird rookeries, and some of the best bird watching in the Southeast, point your car in the direction of this wildlife refuge. Opened to the public in 1975, this expanse of saltwater marshes and tidal creeks was home to a vast cotton plantation for two centuries. The big draw today is looking out for some of the dozens of bird species which make their home here, including painted buntings, eagles, wood strokes, great egrets, and anhingas. While visitors can't camp on the grounds and fishing is limited, it's a wonderful place to take a few hours just to relax and channel your inner ornithologist. It is the Southeast, so visitors can also expect to see alligators roaming around the saltwater creeks or just taking leisurely strolls along the side of the road. Before venturing out to the refuge, travelers should look over the online trail guides, consult a helpful online birding guide, and read about special seasonal walks and events.