The operative word in the name of this resort is "tennis." The property is known around the island and beyond for its excellent tennis programs, which include packages for adults, teenagers, and private instruction. The tennis pro is Eric Wammock, who has over 25 years experience in the business. All of the rooms are set up as villas, in three different sections with varying views (call ahead if you're set on an Atlantic view). The décor in the rooms steers hard toward traditional, warm-weather, seaside resort principles, complete with idyllic scenes of sunsets and many nautical nods (think boat models and lamps festooned with dolphins). Tennis aficionados may wish to stay in the Tennis Villas, which are close to the courts and nestled around a lovely fishing lagoon. In terms of basic water-bound relaxation, there are also three pools, including one just for children. The restaurants are not particularly distinguished, but they will do the job for a meal or two.