This grill is a great place for starting the night right in Hilton Head, with solid appetizers and a creative drink list. Get things going with some fried garlic pickles or Southern popcorn, which happens to be fried black-eyed peas with Cajun seasoning. There's a well-curated wine list, and beer drinkers will appreciate the 16 brews on tap, ranging from Allagash Yakuza to the aggressively strong Belgian ale Kwak. In terms of dining with the whole family, the "social plates" offer a serving size that's meant to be shared with two or three. Standouts in this arena include the pan-roasted mussels and the black-eyed pea cakes with a curry mayo drizzle. The mood here is mellow, which means it's a perfectly acceptable place to take anyone looking to relax. The location in Coligny Plaza is just a quick hop from the beach.