In a region distinguished by its elaborate seafood preparations, it's nice to find a low-key Japanese restaurant that serves sushi in a way that's accessible and inviting to both seasoned fans of sashimi and those who might be unaccustomed to such culinary experiences. The décor here falls back on a few tried and true elements of a Japanese restaurant (tatami mats, plenty of bamboo, etc.) and it works, even if it's not terribly original. The staff is happy to make suggestions for neophytes, while old hands will want to check out the chef's dinners, which include assorted sushi rolls, one specialty tuna roll, miso soup, and a salad. Less adventurous eaters can always fall back on more basic teriyaki items, including a chicken dinner complete with shrimp and vegetable tempura. A children's menu is also available on request. Check out the lounge if you just want to grab a drink—there's usually some local color to be had right at the bar.