Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the History Museum is the building in which it is housed, which dates back to 1929 and blends both European colonial and Oriental design features. Though the displays in the 15 rooms cover every period of the country's history, signage is not clear so it's difficult to work out the significance of some exhibits without a guide. Nevertheless, some items speak for themselves, such as the intricately carved Cham sculptures and a collection of Buddha images from across Asia. Other exhibits include ethnic minority costumes, clothing, and household implements from the Nguyen dynasty (1802–1945), and archaeological finds from the area around Saigon. History buffs could easily spend a half day here, but for most casual visitors, an hour or two will do. There's also a small water puppet theater inside the museum that puts on short performances every hour (except 1pm) from 10am to 4pm. It's good to combine a visit here with a stroll through the neighboring Botanical Gardens, though the zoo in the gardens can't be recommended.