Of the hundreds of museums throughout Vietnam, this one more than any tends to leave visitors with a lump in their throat after contemplating the awful things that human beings can do to each other in times of war. It was originally called the American War Crimes Museum and portrayed a one-sided view of the conflict between the US and Vietnam. With the passage of time, however, attitudes have shifted and the emphasis now is simply on the ugliness of war. The courtyard is cluttered with tanks, planes, and bombs, while the rooms inside present chilling images of events like the My Lai massacre as well as examples of weaponry and the horrendous effect of biological warfare on humans. Out back are reconstructions of the so-called "Tiger Cages" from Con Son Island, where the French subjected those struggling for Vietnamese independence to perpetual torment. Because of its strong content, this museum is not a good place for the squeamish or for young children.