One of Australia’s most unique and interesting hotels, the Henry Jones takes its name from one of Hobart’s most successful pioneering entrepreneurs. Henry Jones’s name, and that of his IXL brand of jam, is still on the factory building that became Australia’s first dedicated art hotel. The walls of this five-star hotel are hung with more than 400 works, in changing exhibitions, often by young, emerging Tasmanian artists, many from the Tasmanian School of Arts (next door). Guest rooms are also works of art in themselves, reflecting Australia’s early trade with China and India in an eclectic mix of modern and historic. Sandstone walls abut ultramodern glass and stainless steel bathrooms. (All but standard rooms have double spa tubs.) Every room has a view, either of the harbor or the hotel’s magnificent glass atrium. I’ve stayed here several times, and so far my favorite is the spacious Art Installation Suite, which has a small balcony.