Dr. Sun Yat-sen (1866–1925) is revered in China as the revolutionary who helped overthrow the corrupt Qing Dynasty, which had ruled for more than 200 years. Although he was born in Guangdong Province, Dr. Sun Yat-sen spent his formative years in Hong Kong as a student in secondary school and the university, where he met like-minded individuals and developed his revolutionary ideas for changing China from a monarchy into a republic. This museum, housed in an attractive former mansion constructed in 1914 for a local businessman, describes Sun Yat-sen's remarkable life through photos, artifacts, written material, and an 11-minute film. It takes about half an hour to tour the building, but visitors who wish to learn more can invest in the 90-minute audio guide for an extra HK$10 or join a free guided tour in English every Saturday at 3:30pm.