This club has been setting the bar for snob appeal since 2002. Its website even boasts that it's "the" place for the "cool and connected," has a "beautiful" staff, and that its door policy is so selective, only the "stylish and the beautiful need apply." In other words, unless you look like you just stepped off the runway, you probably won't get in, and all those other customers who look like models really are, because they get to eat for free (it's good for business). Still, this remains one of Hong Kong's hottest clubs despite high drink prices, and for the best chance to get through the door, arrive early on any week night except Wednesday. Entertainment begins at 11:30pm and is naturally provided by only the "best" DJs spinning the "best" music. Or, skip the hype and drop by for the all-you-can-eat dim sum lunch for HK$188 in the cool restaurant decorated with red Chinese lanterns. Happy hour is from 6 to 9pm.