I used to be embarrassed for Jumbo Kingdom, which seemed gaudy and out of date after hip Chinese restaurants changed the Hong Kong dining scene toward the end of the last century. Now, this over-the-top Cantonese restaurant on steroids seems almost quaint, an outrageously ornate palace that claims to be the largest floating restaurant in the world. Open since 1976, it's reached by taking the restaurant's free shuttle boat from the Aberdeen Promenade, which takes you past Aberdeen's famous fishing fleet on the short ride to the restaurant (tip: you'll want to have your camera ready for the approach to the restaurant). Kids love this ride. Inside, you have your choice of the bustling main dining hall, where it's first-come, first-served, or the more formal Dragon Court, but both offer an overwhelming selection of fresh seafood (onboard tanks accommodate more than 60 different kinds of creatures), as well as other Cantonese dishes like roasted Peking duck, soya chicken, and dim sum. In fact, dim sum in the main hall is my favorite meal here (it's cheaper, too), available until 4pm and even served from trolleys on Sundays and holidays (be prepared for the wait).