Named for a novel by local son Kurt Vonnegut, Bluebeard may be the best restaurant in Indianapolis right now. It has a décor that delights: all exposed bricks and bric-a-brac (like typewriters and architectural elements meant to evoke the site's 1920s origins). And the staff is delightful, too—young, attractive, and eager to jump through culinary hoops for their customers, whether it be assisting with special diets, or creating new drinks on the spot when old favorites are out. But you come here for the food, and it is farm-to-table fresh, Italianate in nature, with a selection of roasted fishes and meats, nicely sauced pastas, and scrumptious cheese boards. The only negative to dining here is the no-reservations policy, which means many guests end up cooling their heels in the bar before dinner. But with the crack mixology staff whipping up new concoctions left and right, that's not a problem for most.