Remember the name Jonathan Brooks. He's the innovative chef who yanked the Indianapolis food scene into the 21st century with his insistence that local foods, and local foods only (well, almost), should grace his guests' tables. His fine dining joint Beholder, set in a former auto body shop, is one of the hardest reservations to get in town. If you fail, know that this breakfast/brunch/lunch spot, set on a former used car lot (are you seeing a pattern?), takes walk-ins only. Sure, there's often a wait, but with food this fresh and innovative, not many mind. Among the top treats here are "dutch baby" pancakes, served in small cast iron frying pans with either a sweet topping (cherries, blackberries, and salted caramel crunch) or savory toppings (wasabi peas or blistered tomatoes and crispy onions with aioli); griddled cheese sandwiches capped with duck eggs; oatmeal with macerated berries; fried cauliflower with spiced tahini; and a range of salads, burgers, and egg dishes. That's along with a slew of coffee drinks and house-made pastries. Guests sit inside or out on a collection of chicly mismatched tables and chairs and are served by people who have waxed mustaches, piquant tattoos, or both. It's a fun way to experience the hipster side of Indy.