Isla Carenero practically adjoins Isla Colón, and is about a 2-minute water-taxi ride away. It is a more tranquil location to spend the night than Bocas, meaning you can be close to the action, but get away from it when you choose. Water-taxi service only runs until about 9pm, unless you arrange transportation ahead of time (and even then, taxis aren't enthusiastic about providing service past 10:30pm or so). There are no roads on the island, and it is technically possible to walk around Isla Carenero, though the narrow beach disappears at points and a meandering stroll can become more of a hike across rocks and up and down a few muddy slopes. There are a few hotels and restaurants here, but most of the structures are the very modest homes of local Bocatorinos. Everything on the island is located on the waterfront, but only the hotels on the island's east side face a strip of beach (that, little by little, is disappearing). Chitras, those no-see-ums that bite like mad, are common on the island, so come armed with repellent.