On my last visit to the island, I asked every cab driver, waiter, and bartender where I should go for the absolute freshest, yummiest ceviche. Every single person replied “Justicia Social.” I stopped by one night only to find they closed at 7pm and was the first customer at opening time—11:30am—the following morning. I settled at an outdoor table beneath an orange and white awning beside a fishing pier, ordered a Bohemia beer and ceviche mixto (fish, shrimp, and octopus), and just about swooned. Other white plastic tables filled as I lingered, with a family of 12 ordering bountiful seafood cocktails and platters of grilled fish. The restaurant is run by a fishermen’s co-op and you can watch the men work on their boats while you eat. On later visits, I found that the fish with ajillo chilies or simple garlic and butter is divine. And yes, if you shudder at the idea of fish, the menu includes beef and chicken fajitas.