Every minute or so, a new train blasts out of the 150-foot tunnel, over the avenue, and across the lakefront. The ride is quick—a little over 2 minutes—but it’s invigorating. Some people find the motion too unrelenting and come off with a headache, but coaster nerds love it, and it’s super-smooth thanks to a 2016 extreme makeover that tore down everything and replaced it with an exact replica.

First, trains cruise into the inclined tunnel. Then, synchronized rock music playing through in-car speakers, they’re launched from a standstill to 40mph in 2 seconds and twist into a zero G-force barrel-roll 110 feet in the air, which means passengers are already upside down even though they’re still going up the first hill. What follows is unbridled mayhem as you boomerang in a cobra roll and hit a top speed of 67mph through a tangle of corkscrews, loops, and misty tunnels. For many guests it’s the first ride of the day, and its seven inversions are certain to work better than morning coffee. Loose items aren’t allowed, so use the nearby lockers, good for the posted wait time plus 30 minutes. Strategy: The single-rider line here is fruitful.