If Disney now owns Marvel and Fox, how come Universal is allowed to have Spidey and the Simpsons? It’s because the park snapped up the brands in licensing deals ages ago. The 1990s contract also locked in the comic- and cartoon-inspired look of that period, before the black-leather film franchises of Spider-Man, the X-Men, Iron Man, and the Avengers, so forgive them if some of the costumes look like the Fly Girls on In Living Color.

Spider-Man is sometimes seen here, but if you don’t see him, head into the back of the Marvel Alterniverse Store, opposite the Captain America Diner. There, the hero has his own appearance zone where you can take your own photos (or buy one). The Comic Book Shop is worth a stop. Surprisingly legit, the store carries the latest Marvel issues, compilation books, and collectible busts.