Nowhere other than Harry Potter is IOA’s extravagance on finer display than this 10-acre section, which replicates the good Doctor’s two-dimensional bluster with three-dimensional exactitude. Just try to find a straight line. From the lakefront, you can get a good look at what the designers accomplished. Notice how even the palm trees twist. They were knocked sideways near Miami in 1992’s Hurricane Andrew, and because palm trees always grow upward, by the time they were scouted for IOA, they had acquired a perfectly loopy angle.

Scout for hidden gags. Sprinkled around are Horton’s Egg and, by the sea, the two Zaxes, which appropriate to their own book (a commentary on political rivalry in which they stubbornly face off while a city grows up around them), were the very first things placed in the park, and everything else was built around them. The area around the Mulberry Street Store hosts regular appearances by the Cat in the Hat and the Grinch, who looks as annoyed to be there as you might imagine.

By the Port of Entry, look for the Green Eggs & Ham Café, the house-size slab of emerald ham with a giant fork stuck into it. This beauty is one of the best pieces of mimetic architecture in America. It’s also never open, but at least you should appreciate it.