The next zone clockwise after Marvel Super Hero Island, Toon Lagoon harbors two water rides that are—both literally and figuratively—among the splashiest at any theme park. Both will drench you. If you’re smart, you’ll come just before it swelters, so that you’ll be soaked and cool when the going gets rough.

Slow your pace when you reach the introductory section of Toon Lagoon, encountered after a brief zone of midway games (most: three tries for $5). Crawling with details, color, and fountains, it’s the kind of place that reveals more the longer you look. Some 150 cartoon characters—some you’ll recognize (Nancy, Annie, the Family Circus, Beetle Bailey) and some strictly for connoisseurs (Little Nemo in Slumberland, Zippy)—make two-dimensional appearances on the island, including inside the restaurants and on a soundtrack popping in and out of the action. Where you see a button or a possible trigger, press it or plunge it, because the environment has been rigged with sonic treats. Whimsical snapshot spots are worked in, too, such as the trick photo setup by the Comic Strip Cafe where you can pretend Marmaduke is dragging you by his leash. The deluge from the waterfall under Hagar’s Viking ship provides cooling relief from the sunlight. Amid all this, the Boop Oop A Doop Betty Boop store sells rare specimens. Personally, I worry about the mental health of the clerks, who are subjected to a brain-melting loop of Boop’s oops.