The film tavern was gorgeously re-created, up to its wonky cathedral ceiling and down to the graffiti scratched in the timbers, as the only restaurant in this island, and the filmmakers reportedly liked the design so much they featured the set more prominently in later movies. The Great Feast feeds four for $50 with salad, rotisserie chicken, spareribs, corn on the cob, and roast potatoes. You can also go a la carte with shepherd’s pie, fish and chips, or Cornish pasties with salad. Hog’s Head Pub ★★★ is attached. Under the squinty gaze of a grunting mounted boar’s head (it responds to tips), a selection of truly British quaffs (London Pride, Newcastle Brown, Strongbow cider) is pulled. There are two more beers of note: One is Hog’s Head ale, a hoppy, only-here beer made by the Florida Brewing Company, and the other is Butterbeer, so if the line is long at the keg carts outside, you can grab a faster fix in here, where it’s cool in more ways than one. (They won’t spike it with rum. I’ve asked.) There’s no happy hour here. Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Meals $9 to $16.