If you've been in the city a day or two already and cricked your neck staring up at the soaring domes and towering minarets of all the monumental mosques studding the Old City, get your revenge by staring down at their miniature (well, 1.25 scale actually) doppelgangers in this appealing model park out on the north bank of the Golden Horn. Stride Gulliver-like through this miniature wonderland and admire remarkably accurate representations of 59 iconic Istanbul buildings. All the usual suspects are here, including the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque, though any kids in tow will likely home on in more recent structures, such as Atatürk Airport. There are a further 67 models from Turkey and its former Ottoman domains, the whole lot linked by attractive walkways including a footbridge modelled on one of the city's Bosphorus suspension bridges. Throw in a decent on-site café, a gigantic chess set, simulated helicopter ride, and an exhibition about a formative moment in the history of the republic (the resistance against the Allies in the World War I Gallipoli campaigns), and you have a fun half-day outing.