Picturesquely located on the European shore of the Bosphorus just beyond the second, strait-straddling suspension bridge, this is the best place in the metropolis to see the works of major international artists (past exhibitions have included Anish Kapoor, Dali, and Picasso). Even if there's nothing eye-catching on in the temporary exhibition space while you're in town, it’s worth heading out here just to see a superb permanent collection of Arabic calligraphy and Ottoman Turkish art. Both are housed in an elegant 1920s mansion house that belongs to the museum's patrons, the wealthy Sabanci family, and you can see three ornately decorated rooms left just as they were (perhaps a little tidier!) when the family last used them. The grounds are great, too, with lovely lawns overlooking the Bosphorus and a couple of life-size bronze horses at the gateway which give the mansion its name, the Atli Köşk (Pavilion of the Horses). The museum is home to one of Istanbul's best restaurants, Müzedechanga, which dishes up delicious Turkish fusion cuisine in a Scandinavian-chic dining area. There's also a small gift shop.