Turks have a famous sweet tooth, as evidenced by their reluctance to finish a meal without a little something saccharine. However, Turks don't just savor post-dinner sweets—they also make sweets to go with afternoon tea (baklava), sweets to go with Turkish coffee (Turkish delight), and even sweets to go with funerals (helva). All these and more can be found in this popular old-fashioned sweet shop. Turkish delight in every flavor and color imaginable can be bought and eaten there or taken home, neatly arranged in little boxes. Baklava made from ultra-thin flaky pastry, soaked in syrup, and studded with pistachios and walnuts comes in a myriad of different shapes. There also Turkey's favorite milk puddings, and candied figs, cherries, and even mini eggplants. The store also sells cream cakes, boiled candies, and helva made from sesame paste. It's very easy to get carried away here, so choose wisely, order a tea, and have a taste before buying to take away.