Its name may translate into "the house that sings," but it's the visual arts that really make this place special. Every corner is graced with some unusual—and usually exquisite—piece of folk art. And these precious items aren’t only in the public areas. The rooms have them as well, from rustic pots shaped like faces to arresting sculptures to bed posts gaily tied with traditional Mexican headscarves. My favorite of all the visual treats are the artistic creations done by the talented curatorial staff: They leave a Chagall-like design in flowers on each bed in the mornings. 

It all adds up to a stay that feels, somehow, very personal. Of course, this is also an opulent experience. Each room comes either with a private terrace (with multiple day beds and chaises for lounging) or a private plunge pool. The cliffside setting is spectacular, and the architects have created an edifice that hides happy surprises around each corner (an infinity pool, a library/bar with books and games, individual areas for sunbathing spilling down the mountain). Look at any list of the best hotels in the world and you’ll likely see La Casa Que Canta. Once you visit, you’ll know why.