Jeollanam-do (old spelling: "Cheollanamdo") is in the southwestern part of the Korean peninsula. Its name is often abbreviated Jeonnam. The provincial capital is now Namak in Muan, moved from Gwangju in 2005. Other than the cities highlighted above, the region has some wonderful places to visit, which haven't been discovered even by the majority of vacationing South Koreans. The province is well known for its traditional culture, including the art of pansori, which originated here.

With its interesting coastline, over 2,000 islands, and mountainous national parks, there are small pockets to be discovered all along Jeollanam-do's shoreline. Inland, there are historic ceramic kilns, ancient mountain temples, and hidden valleys to be found. Of course, the region is also well known for its fresh seafood and other dishes. So be sure to savor the flavors of each area as you visit.