This 3-hectare (7.5-acre) tourist park is impressive in its scope and detail. It re-creates many of the country’s most important landmarks in the form of miniature models built to a scale of 1:25. The park separates Israel into geographic regions and features landmarks from all faiths and cultures. The models are impressive in their detail: The planes at the mock-up of Ben-Gurion Airport actually taxi on runways, and praying pilgrims at the Western Wall sway back and forth. Notable re-creations include the Old City of Jerusalem (including the Western Wall and the Dome of the Rock), the Baha’i Temple Gardens at Haifa, and the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron. The park is especially delightful at twilight, when the interiors of buildings are lit. The family-friendly park has a restaurant/cafe food court on the premises and a little play area for children. It takes about 2 hours to see everything. Mini Israel is accessible to those with disabilities. The exhibits are outdoors, so avoid coming on a cold, rainy winter day, or in midday summer heat. It’s hard to get here without a car unless you’re coming via bus tour. Regular tours to Mini Israel and other nearby sites are operated by Egged Tours (tel. 700/707-577) on Tuesday and Thursday.