There’s only one Abu Shukri, although the hummus here is so famous that other places as far away as the town of Abu Ghosh, in the hills West of Jerusalem, have taken on the name, hoping to cash in on the legend. Abu Shukri has been immortalized in the pages of “The New York Times,” “Condé Nast Traveler,” and even “Playboy.” Decor is nonexistent, and it’s a good idea to bring a supply of napkins, but the hummus is heavenly. It’s served plain or with your choice of a dab of fool (brown beans), whole white garbanzo beans, or roasted pine nuts (a gourmet extra). You can also add a plate of chopped salad and falafel, grilled kabobs, or kubbe (fried cracked wheat dumpling stuffed with ground meat). Lots of pita to sop up your hummus is included in the price. Make sure to ask for it to be served heated: Cold pita is an insult to the meal. Sorry, cash only here.